M Track Day Offer


M Track Day Offer


Buy a brand-new BMW M Model to be registered by 30th April 2019 & enjoy a complimentary BMW M Track Day Experience at Oulton Park.

The Masters of Performance Track Day is an iconic experience.

Experience the adrenaline of high-performance track driving in some of BMW’s most impressive M models. What’s more, with the assistance of a V System and one-to-one chats with a professional BMW instructors, drivers have access to track data and expertise, and with this the opportunity to take their driving skills to the next level.

BMW M Track Experience – explore the technicalities of racing. Take laps with the help of data analysis and professional one-to-one instruction to see if you can improve your driving technique.

BMW on track – a dynamic track session, with a selection of BMW M Performance models to choose from.

BMW M handling activities – put your skills to the test and go beyond the limits of traction to try your hand at oversteer control with the built in driving aids switched off. Then explore the limits of cornering speed and tackle the slalom test.

Hot laps with a professional – enjoy an exhilarating lap in the passenger seat with a professional driver, complete with an on-board video of your experience.

A treat from BMW – experience two of the most exciting NEW models in the BMW range on track.

Also included:

Hospitality – breakfast and lunch are provided for morning sessions; lunch and afternoon tea are provided for afternoon sessions.

Meet the experts – celebrities from the world of motorsport will join you for lunch where you can talk about the day and ask questions.

Reignite your passion for driving with this official BMW track experience when you buy a BMW M Model from Lloyd Colne.

For more information, please feel welcome to contact us.

Terms & Conditions apply. *Driving practices performed in the course of the BMW Driving Experience event are: 1. Performed exclusively in a safe environment, namely a secluded and separate circuit, not on public roads. 2. Performed only after introductory training and under strict supervision of a professional. 3. Must not be performed on public roads.